Pure Cool Filter



With this unique filter that drops simply into the neck of bottle type chillers.

15 litre bottles can then be filled with local tap water and filtered.

Provides savings of hundreds of dollars at work or home instantly while providing even higher quality water than you were buying before at delivered premium water pricing.

You will never need to go back to delivered expensive bottled water again !

Feature s & Benefits

The Pure Cool filter adds a refreshing new dimension to bottled water. It offers advanced design and user-friendly features resulting in great tasting, healthy drinking water.


The Pure Cool functions through a combination of adsorption, absorption, ion exchange and mechanical filtration. Pure Cool filters the water as it leaves the bottle and reduces water borne contaminants before it reaches the reservoir.

The four stage filter media substantially reduces chlorine, bad taste, odour and colour, along with organic impurities, pesticides, herbicides, detergent, dirt, rust and heavy metals such as lead, mercury and aluminium.


Pure Cool installs in seconds. It fits perfectly into the cooler or crock. There are no bolts or screws. No tools required.


Stage 1: 5 micron needle felt membrane pre-filter.
Stage 2*: 5 micron weak acid cation resin for reducing hardness, heavy metal and chlorine.
Stage 3**: High grade activated carbon for reducing chlorine, compounds, taste, rust & odour.
Stage 4: 5 micron needle felt membrane final filter.
*Weak acid cation resin is designed to reduce alkalinity and hardness in water. It is also excellent for the reduction of heavy metals and chlorine.

**EPA approved silver carbon is designed for reducing organic chemicals such as TCE, THM and EDB, plus reducing chlorine. The addition of silver inhibits the growth of bacteria. 

The add on filter on a bottle cooler.

Maintenance: 6 - 12 monthly

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