Aquasmart™ 10" x 2 1/2" Filter Cartridge


The unique USA manufactured mixed media filter utilises a combination of high grade granular activated carbon and patented KDF media providing high grade elimination of chlorine, chemicals and broad-spectrum heavy metals
The Aquasmart™ Filter Cartridge removes, bad taste and odour, herbicides, pesticides, trihalomethanes, lead, copper, aluminium, zinc, cadmium and other broad spectrum heavy metals plus softens water.
In addition it controls microorganisms, algae, fungi and bacteria growth.

Effectively reduces or removes :
# Herbicides-Pesticides
# Aluminium-Cadmium-Lead-Iron-Mercury
# Arsenic-Lindane-Deildrin
# Hydrogen Sulphide
# Dirt-Rust-Suspended debris
# Controls algae, fungi and bacterial growth

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