HYDRO-SOFT™ Whole House 20" X 4½" Filter Cartridge


Why HYDRO-SOFT is the BEST to soften water?
A true replacement for the conventional sodium based water softeners, ion-exchange resins or other chemicals, those are either partially functional or functions at the cost of the environment & health. Increased sodium content in water or decreased pH factor (making water acidic) directly influence the health problems, environmental damage and damage to the systems those are vulnerable to chemical corrosion due to sodium. Recent restrictions upon many softeners eventually leads to an environment friendly, cost effective true solution for water softening.

Some serious points are mentioned here about the credibility of the media.
• No TDS change: As HYDRO-SOFT, does not take out or give in anything in the water. As no ion-exchange chemistry is used the TDS of the water remains unchanged before and after the treatment.
• No pH change: pH of the water remains same. This factor makes the treated water suitable for almost any use where corrosion is concerned.
• Rich Minerals Preserved: HYDRO-SOFT does not add up sodium or any chemicals in the water. It simply preserves the Calcium and Magnesium contents of water, making the treated water the healthiest mineral water available. These Calcium and Magnesium are quintessential for nervous systems & muscles functionalities. They are indispensable parts in the cell chemistry of the plants and most of the life forms on earth.
• De-Scaling: Not only HYDRO-SOFT prevents scale formation in water channels, but it also helps to reduce the previously formed scales. The NAC process takes out water dissolved CO2 in almost-visible micro-bubbles forms that helps reducing previously formed scale over a period of time (depends on the usage period).
• Biocides: Nucleation Assisted Crystallization (NAC) process creates the conditions that water dissolved CO2 agglomerate to form micro-bubbles. These CO2 bubbles actively destroys bacterial membranes acting as a biocide. So along with the scale prevention HYDRO-SOFT also helps preventing Biofouling.

The Revolutionary Scale Prevention media.

Advantages of HYDRO-SOFT :
• No salts required.
• No back-washing required.
• No regeneration cycle required.
• No increase in sodium content in water.
• Cleans the previous scales of plumbing.
• Catalytic process converts Ca and Mg into harmless micro crystals.
• Maintenance free. No extra cost incurred.
• No chemicals required for disinfection.
• No electrical connections required.
• No drain connections required.
• No control valves required.
• Very easy to install.
• Very healthy water.

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