Matrikx Whole House CTO 20" X 4½" Filter Cartridge


MATRIKX + CTO/2 filters are the most widely used U.S.A produced carbon block cartridges in the world, providing high levels of both performance and quality.

MATRIKX + CTO/2 filters remove chlorine taste, odour and organic chemicals that contribute to taste and odour while providing the particulate filtration and dirt-holding capacity of an efficient 5 ìm nominal sediment filter.

This enables a MATRIKX filter to deliver extended life while removing sediment, chlorine taste and odour and organic contaminants from water. The MATRIKX CTO is also widely used in filtering organic solvents.

Ideal for use in residential and commercial water purification systems, food service, pre- and post-RO systems.
MATRIKX + CTO/2 is manufactured from high purity acid-washed activated carbon.
Its dirt-holding capacity and the absence of carbon fines makes the MATRIKX a superior carbon block filter

• Class 1 Turbidity Reduction > 98% @ 10 Microns
• Outstanding Chlorine, Taste and Odour Reduction throughout the home and at every outlet, shower, bath and laundry included
• MATRIKX +CTO®/2 is a powerful, multifunctional filter cartridge for residential and commercial water purification systems. Ideal for Reverse Osmosis pre and post filtration.
• Chemical Adsorption:
MATRIKX +CTO®/2 filters offer high levels of chemical reduction in potable drinking water, including chlorine and other compounds that contribute to taste and odor.
• Improves taste, eliminates odors, removes color
• Made in the U.S.A.

Specifications :

Filter Dimensions 20" L × 4.25" O.D.

Chlorine Taste &
Odor Reduction
Capacity @ Flow >26,000 gal. 7.0 GPM

Initial Δ @ Flow 4.5 psid @ 7.0 GPM
Filter Weight 5.60 lbs
µm Rating 10 µm Absolute,
5 µm Nominal
Chloroform Reduction Not recommended
for this containment
Lead Reduction Not recommended
for this containment
Cyst Reduction Not recommended
for this containment
Construction Precision Continuous
Carbon Type Steam Activated,
Acid Washed
Carbon Source Bituminous Coal




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