Home Edge Whole House Water Conditioner


Home Edge Whole House Water Conditioner- KINETIC WATER AT ITS BEST

The HOME EDGE KINETIC WATER ENERGISER unit complements traditional water filter filtration and easily installs into your water main above our below ground so every drop of water to your house is then 'micro-clustered' thereby it becomes energised and conditioned so is vital pure, clean drinking water.

Water holds ionised charges and is in many ways just like natures own rechargeable battery which gets excited by dancing around and smashing together naturally in rivers and streams then when that water has been stored in dams its charged forces get gradually reduced and depleted combined with chemicals and industrial processes it is then forced down pipes to our homes and comes out of nice shiny taps and spouts but is still dull water even if it is filtered.

So by micro clustering it the waters absorbability is greatly enhanced benefiting all things needing hydration and energy to grow.

Energised water enhances, at a cellular level, every single living thing, including your pets and your plants.

Not only will this unit improve waters taste but it lengthens the life of your pipes, fittings and appliances that are exposed to water by preventing scale to form and will actually take it off surfaces over time if old build up exists as is the case in many hard water areas around Australia

Very Easy Installation ( additional fee for plumber if required )

No maintenance

No moving parts to wear out

No running costs

No chemicals

Reduces hardness of your water to produce better washing, showers and clothes washing.

De-scales existing pipe work and appliances

Reduces bacteria and fungi levels

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