Hydrosmart D20EO Water Conditioner


HYDROSMART 20mm D20EO water conditioners lead the way in truly sustainable water treatment. Who needs a water softener or a reverse osmosis to improve hard or saline or scale forming water when they can use Hydrosmart.
D20EO suits a 20mm supply inlet pipe for domestic homes. Larger units available at www.hydrosmart.com.au/products

Sounding to good too be true this unique product sold over 20 years takes a 'back to basics' particle physics approach to solve a diverse range of water problems without filters, membranes or chemicals.

With a unique microprocessor and a tiny amount of electricity HYDROSMART is actively solving many issues from water hardness, scale removal and prevention, iron removal and prevention, saline water irrigation without crop or plant damage and improved plant growth due to smaller unbonded mineral structure being more plant friendly after treatment.

Manufactured in Adelaide and used in households, vineyards, farms, industry and mining around Australia for over 15 years. Treating Adelaide Oval, BHP, Berringer Blass, Dusit Zoo Bangkok, Spirit of Tasmania Ferries, Urrbrae Agricultural High, Hydrosmart's effective impact on water issues from: Salinity, Calcium Hardness, Iron and Iron Bacteria, Biofilm, Algae and Blue Green Algae, in environmentally friendly ways previously thought impossible.

An increasing number of homes, industries and farms around Australia, Asia and the Pacific region and have been gaining startling results from their use.

Visit the official website for more information. www.hydrosmart.com.au

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