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Quick Change Reverse Osmosis 4 Stage Undersink System


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Quick Change 4 Stage Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System

Provide your home with simply the best water by using the latest technology and simply the best system available today.

This smart, compact self serviceable 4 Stage Quick Change Reverse Osmosis unit with option of an Alkalising 5th
stage. Will fit snugly into modern or old kitchen cupboards with the accompanying water storage tank.

REVERSE OSMOSIS effectively removes:

* turbidity * sediment
* colloidal matter * total dissolved solids
* toxic metals * radioactive elements
* micro-organisms * asbestos
* pesticides * herbicides
* Heavy Metals * Fluoride


• Improves taste, odour & appearance
• Flushes away pollutants, does not collect them
• Most advanced & most highly effective purification process
• Minimum care & servicing
• Consumes no energy
• Very convenient
• Low production costs, gives you water of a guaranteed quality for a couple of cents per day per litre –compare this to bottled water of varying sources and quality
• Can be self serviced simply and easily


QUICK CHANGE SYSTEM : 320mm H x 420mm W x 110 D
12 Litre Tank : 450mm H x 235 W x 235 D


Stage 1 Sediment Pre Filter
Stage 2 Coconut Carbon G.A.C
Stage 3 Membrane ( 50Gallon Per Day )
Stage 4 Carbon GAC Post Filter


Stage 5 is an Alkalising In-line filter by Omnipure using Calcite/Corrosex media in a compact inline filter that fits onto the water line after the R.O tank on its way to faucet.

This final stage will buffer the pH of the ultra pure waters pH from slightly below 7 up to approximately 9.5 . Over the 12 months of its use the pH gradually drops back down again. Alkaline water has its own benefits as discussed by health practitioners that are about assisting our metabolisms to better deal with the acidic diets and lifestyles of the western world.

About Reverse Osmosis ; why is it the highest level of water purity ?

Available in industry, medicine and other areas since the 1950’s, since it was noticed that seagulls could efficiently separate salts from sea water using membranes in their beaks.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to explain REVERSE OSMOSIS is to first explain Osmosis. By osmosis, oxygen from our lungs enters our blood.
By osmosis, plant roots take up water and nutrients.
Osmosis occurs when a semi-permeable membrane separates two solutions of different concentrations. The water passes through the membrane in the direction of the more concentrated solution.

The reverse osmosis (R.O) process works by forcing water under pressure through a special synthetic material called a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane attracts water molecules and repels dissolved impurities, even those smaller than the molecules themselves. The RO membrane is also the ultimate mechanical filter, straining out virtually all particle matter, turbidity, bacterial, micro-organisms, asbestos, even single molecules of the heavier organics.

To appreciate the fineness of this ultra-filter, as it is referred to in industry, its pores are in the order of .0005 microns or .0000002 (two ten millionths) of an inch! That’s smaller than can been seen by the best optical microscope!

With RO, the contaminants, once separated from the good water, are flushed down the drain so they don’t build up on the membrane.

A feature of the RO membrane, is its ability to remove and reject such a wide spectrum of impurities from water, and it does this with minimal energy, requiring only mains water pressure which means it does use water as there is roughly 1 part product to 1 part reject ratio ( with the new quick change model).
Once the 10 litre tank ( unsdersink model only ) has replenished itself however, this system simply automatically turns itself off, all this is achieved without using any electricity only mains water pressure.


Polluted water is forced by water pressure against a semi-permeable membrane. Purified water molecules easily pass through the membrane while pollutants, typically being larger than the pores, cannot pass through and these get washed away. The ultra pure water stores in the systems tank to provide a ready supply of up to around 8-10 litres of ultra pure water at any one time and it senses when the levels drops and replenishes the tank then shuts itself off when the tank that acts as a reservoir is refilled. The speed of replenishment varies depending on water pressure and temperature however commonly a 190 litre per day membrane produces a 7- 8 litre per hour recovery. Product to reject ratio is 1:2

Quick Change Reverse Osmosis 4 Stage Undersink System

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