Sprite Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge


Replacement cartridge for the Sprite shower filter-both chromed brass or plastic variety.

Requires high pressure water, not gravity fed water.

Contains reversible filter cartridge that will filter the shower water for one year.
This high performance shower filter combines easy operation and maintenance with the ultimate in structural integrity and over-all reliability. The H.O is the strongest replaceable shower filter available on the market today.

Chlorine is universally used to chemically disinfect water. Chlorine is added to your water to destroy germs, bacteria and living organisms. You are also a living organism, and your body is affected by chlorine internally as well as externally.

Inhalation and skin absorption of chloroform and chlorine by-products are greatest in the shower, where these gases are vaporised. Sprite Industries are the innovators of shower filters and are known to be the world's finest, enabling everybody to enjoy chlorine free showers the world over.

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