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Stefani Ceramic Filter Candle


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Candle for All Terracotta, Ceramic and Stainless Steel Gravity Fed Water Purifiers.

* 'Triple Safe' Filtration System.
* Removes up to 99.9% of Amoebas and Bacteria
* Removes up to 99% of Suspended Solids
* Filters 1.5 micros

Inside the Purifying Unit is a Filtering Candle of advanced design. It has a micro-porous ceramic outer wall, lined inside with colloidal silver, and holding an inner core of activated charcoal (filters 1.5 micros).

As the water passes through the candle the respective layers remove up to 99.9% of bacteria and amoebas and 99% of suspended solids.

Candle Maintenance:
For Best results, the ceramic candle needs to be cleaned regularly and should be replaced periodically. The frequency will depend on the condition of the water supply. A reduced flow of water into the bottom chamber is an indication that cleaning is necessary. To clean the candle, first remove it from the purifier unit. Hold the candle under gently running water and using a stiff brush or the back of a butter knife removes the visible impurities from the candles surface. Scrub off the outer layer of the ceramic filter with a kitchen type scourer (e.g. back of a butter knife) scrubbing it in an up and down motion under running tap. Never use soap or detergents on the candle.

Replacing the Candle:
The activated charcoals in the purifying candle will eventually become saturated and therefore not take out any unpleasant tastes and odors in the water. This is an indication that the purifying candle needs replacing. Each candle should have a life of around 6 months (depending on water usage).

Trouble Shooting:
Slow Filtration?
1) Run water briefly in reverse through the filter candle to remove any possible blockage.
2) Soak the candle in the kitchen sink for 2 hours, this gets rid of any fibre or loose particles.
3) See candle Maintenance for cleaning instructions.

Stefani Ceramic Filter Candle

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