Ultraviolet AP 170 Water Steriliser


AQUA-PRO MODEL 170 - 14W - 3.8LPM

Produces germicidal short wave radiation, which eradicates bacteria, viruses and other kinds of microbiological contamination present in water supplies. Can be used independently or connected after a water filter system to provide safe, healthy filtered water.

U.V works best after water is filtered to remove physical solids that bacteria will otherwise shield themselves behind if left unfiltered.

Product comes complete, ready for installation.

Uses Of UV Sterilizers

UV units also have the capacity to disable some of the most resistant parasites such as Giardia and Cryptosporidia. These parasites are known to be resistant to most of the chemicals used in water treatment, however when they are exposed to UV light their ability to reproduce or cause harm is significantly reduced or eliminated. UV sterilizers are used to remove chlorine and chloramines from water.

When properly used the UV lamps can be a highly effective process of oxidizing and destroying chemical pollutants which are harmful.


Ultraviolet AP 170 Unit – 1gpm Stainless Steel Unit Ballast transformer 14 watt UV system stainless steel body, Ports 1/4 Inch threaded.

It is advisable that the power supply for the unit has a surge protector so that any power spike doesn’t take out the ballasts. 

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