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Fluoride Undersink Triple Filter System


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This system is ideal for those wishing to have high grade water without requiring Reverse Osmosis to remove fluoride.

Undersink triple filter system with fluoride removal cartridge for effective reduction of up to 90 % of fluoride and up to 99.99% chlorine and broad spectrum heavy metals from mains tap water.

This system is great for removal of chlorine, bad taste, odours and chemicals from any mains water supply to provide all year round great tasting water from its own spout that installs into the sink with the system fitted under the sink.

STAGE 1 FILTER - Sediment Polyspun (5 Micron)

Dirt, Sand, Sediment and Organics Removal.
Dense layers of the poly spun filter provide more opportunity to collect and capture contaminants. This adsorbent pre filter can be used for mains water filters or reverse osmosis systems.

STAGE 2 FILTER - Omnipure Fluoride

Premium fluoride reduction using activated alumina.
This fluoride removal cartridge uses ABA 2000, also known as activated alumina, which will remove approximately 75-85 % of fluoride from tap water. For the most effective filtration result, a slow flow rate is required.

STAGE 3 FILTER - Aquasmart KDF

Broad spectrum heavy metals, chlorine, taste, odour and softens water.
5 Micron granular activated coconut carbon mixed with KDF 55 media. Superior filter for removal of chlorine, bad taste and odour, chemicals and heavy metals. The patented KDF55 media uses redox to exchange electrons with contaminants, this changes them into harmless components and removes a wide range of heavy metals. Also softens hard water while controlling and preventing micro-organism growth.


• Filter Cartridge x 3
• Pentek Housing Brackets (Australian Standard 3497)
• Standard Faucet
• Isolation Tap (NSF Approved)
• Cold Water Pipe Fitting
• Flexible 1/4" Tubing
• Tube Connectors x 2


6-12 month cartridge replacement cycle depending on use.

Fluoride Undersink Triple Filter System

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